Risk Management

SureFinity Insurance Brokers  consider ourselves to be partners of our clients, working with you to cost effectively provide a safer environment for all participants. SureFinity Insurance Brokers is not a company that just provides insurance, rather we work with our clients to address their total risk exposures.

Documented policies and procedures are critical components of a business organisations risk management program, with checklists usually an integral part of the procedures. Often numerous individual risks can be addressed via one policy statement or checklist.

All business owners should undertake an extensive risk identification program on their own facilities and design appropriate checklists. There needs to be a planned approach and such facility and equipment inspections need to be carried out on a regular basis. It goes without saying that critical to the value of these inspections is that identified risks are addressed with appropriate action and follow up.

We are able to assist you with implementing and upgrading your current Risk Management procedures and policies.

However the role of the insurance broker today, more than ever, is far more than that of arranging insurance policies to protect clients. SureFinity believes it’s role goes much further. It includes:

  • Cost and administration savings through pro-active loss control.
  • The management of the organisation’s total risks, encompassing the identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment of risk. Insurance is merely a component of the total risk control strategy.
  • Specialist technical skills to design an insurance program tailored around your particular needs and not merely a product offered “off the shelf”.
  • At all times, the ability to deliver a high level of professional quality service by an enthusiastic service team. SureFinity role is to work alongside you providing specialist professional risk management and insurance services to enable you to achieve their goals in this regard.