SureFinity Insurance Brokers provide franchise insurance solutions for master franchisors, franchise owners and franchisees throughout Australia.

We have been arranging franchise insurance for the numerous years and we are renowned for our customer service and expertise in this field of Insurance. We are experts in obtaining the correct type of coverage & price for our clients as well as providing personalized service and advice every time.

Franchise insurance need not be complicated and we work with you or to learn about the business and then tailor an insurance policy to meet the needs of franchise operators & their unique business requirements.

Some of the benefits & services we offer franchise businesses include:

  • Preferential premium rates due to buying power of franchise
  • Broad insurance coverage including but not limited to Property, Liability, Workers Compensation, Key Person
  • Competitive premiums & payment structures
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Education on policies & risk associated via training sessions with stakeholders
  • Claims Advice & Management; Risk Management Services & Advice

We currently arrange insurance for a number of franchise groups especially in the fitness, hospitality, sporting and retail industries.